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Stuff that just doesn’t fit anywhere else. And the more than occasional rants of a tech guy growing older and crabbier.

The Mother of All Data Grabs

You thought the Royal Free/Deep Mind affair was serious? Italy is giving away the health data of all its citizens to IBM Watson Health because reasons, *and* paying for it.

The Emperor’s Speech

[Note: the English is well below par, this time, I know. The reason is that what follows was not originally delivered as a post, but as episode 1×19 of my podcast in Italian, dataKnightmare. Hence the curious constructs and abundance of coordinate clauses. I...

Against Coding

Focusing on coding as if it were an end and not a means is the worst way to acquaint kids with computer science. Computer science is not the code, but the understanding of a problem that allows the writing of that code.

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