Wants, Asks and Needs

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How to Stop Worrying and Love Users


Technology is the easy part of a digital project. Users and clients, on the other hand, are the difficult one. Success will mostly go to those who can understand the difference between what is being asked, what is needed and what is wanted.

Then, there will be exceptions. Welcome to the hard part.

UX Research: Quants Vs. Quals?

For UXR Quals, I’m too quantitative. For UXR Quants, I’m too qualitative. They are both wrong, and working on a one-sided brain is so ’70s.

There’s No “Reality” In Social Media. Get Over It.

You will have heard of how Facebook ran an experiment on 600K+ unaware users and concluded that yes, it is possible to tweak people's emotions by selectively filtering their facebook timeline. In their own words: We show, via a massive (N = 689,003) experiment on...

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