Post-autistic IT

Post-autistic IT

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Soft Skills for Nerds


The very skills that make you great at your job with machines make you bad at dealing with people.
But people are not difficult, they just operate under a different set of rules. And you can learn any set of rules the job requires.
I know. I have been there, and done that. And so can you.

How to start a #CoderDojo? Here’s How!

CoderDojoTools is a set of checklists to create and run a CoderDojo with the “Richard MacDuff” Model, that defines the basic ethos of my dojos . It’s on Github, share and enjoy!

UX Research: Quants Vs. Quals?

For UXR Quals, I’m too quantitative. For UXR Quants, I’m too qualitative. They are both wrong, and working on a one-sided brain is so ’70s.

Be A Perfectionist –A Better One

Saying “Don’t Be a Perfectionist” is like saying “Don’t be fat”. That is, useless. Here’s some actual advice to perfectionists.

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