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These are posts  I feel may appeal to a broader audience. Here you will find most of my reflections on Post-autistic IT, Data Driven Business (including AI, bots&robots), my personal visions of how our connected future will be, as well as all my rants not specifcally targeted at an Italian audience.

Enjoy, and share!

Just asking.

Dear ex-prospective employer: you deserve to be big-four’ed to your last pound.

UX Research: Quants Vs. Quals?

For UXR Quals, I’m too quantitative. For UXR Quants, I’m too qualitative. They are both wrong, and working on a one-sided brain is so ’70s.

There’s No “Reality” In Social Media. Get Over It.

You will have heard of how Facebook ran an experiment on 600K+ unaware users and concluded that yes, it is possible to tweak people's emotions by selectively filtering their facebook timeline. In their own words: We show, via a massive (N = 689,003) experiment on...

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