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Anything that can be made algorithmic, eventually will. Some think it’s a radical view, I say it’s a mere fact.


What SNA Is And Isn’t

What SNA (Social Network Analysis) provides is not always what customers think they are paying for.

Dumbing Down the Business to Look Smart

If you thought management-by-Powerpoint was the bottom of the pit, think again. There’s a corporation out there who wants to do “Market Insight”. In Excel.

The Age of Networks

Network science will be to the 21st century what nuclear science was to the 20th. With one interesting difference: it will not be as strictly controlled.

Why Bots Are Good For Business (And I Want Mine Now)

Brands find it OK to deploy chatterbots as first-line client support while at the same time demanding my complete attention and patience to complete a purchase. I’d rather deploy a buybot, thank you very much.


Not because some things are easy to do, they also make business sense.

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