The Real Real Threat of AI

AI can be a tool of colonial rent extraction, or a tool of progress. It all depends on how we interpret data, as a resource to scour or as value to invest.

The Mother of All Data Grabs

You thought the Royal Free/Deep Mind affair was serious? Italy is giving away the health data of all its citizens to IBM Watson Health because reasons, *and* paying for it.

The Emperor’s Speech

[Note: the English is well below par, this time, I know. The reason is that what follows was not originally delivered as a post, but as episode 1×19 of my podcast in Italian, dataKnightmare. Hence the curious constructs and abundance of coordinate clauses. I...

Against Coding

Focusing on coding as if it were an end and not a means is the worst way to acquaint kids with computer science. Computer science is not the code, but the understanding of a problem that allows the writing of that code.

How to start a #CoderDojo? Here’s How!

How to start a #CoderDojo? Here’s How!

CoderDojoTools is a set of checklists to create and run a CoderDojo with the “Richard MacDuff” Model, that defines the basic ethos of my dojos . It’s on Github, share and enjoy!

This is robot work done right

There’s much confusion about robots soon overtaking us. The confusion stems from the wrong sense we give to “overtaking” when we speak of robots. This results in resisting robots where we should welcome them, and not reflecting on our new place in the world. Which is not

Just asking.

Dear ex-prospective employer: you deserve to be big-four’ed to your last pound.