Dear recruiter, yes, I am “actively looking”, immediately available, and I’m glad to hear from you. I appreciate your clients expect you to answer exceptional and sometimes contradictory demands. I really want us to make the most of our contact and give your client the best match for his money.

So may I suggest you…

Choose your first-contact channel wisely

We have all these wonderful channels at our disposal. Why not choose what’s best?

  1. The fastest way to get in touch with me is via sms. Please use sms only if your client needs me within 48 hours.
  2. The second fastest, and most civilised way to get in touch is via email, please use it. In order to be fast, do not waste your first message being vague. I mean business: show me you do too and send the job description over already, will you?
  3. Cold-calling is welcome only if your first words can be “sign here, please” and unwelcome at almost any other time.
    • I’ll be probably doing something else or being with a client when you call, so I won’t answer.
    • Even if I do answer, I will have no details on who you are or what you want, what can you expect out of the call? A second call, at the most, where we can finally enter into some detail.
    • So unless you have an offer I can’t refuse, please do not cold call.
  4. Tweeting is cool. Very, very cool. You’re a dude, man.  But who ever told you this channel is ok for this kind of message? Do you think I am a Pizza Hut? What are you, 15? I’ll probably see your DM in a week or so, when I log in.

Dear recruiter, help me help you.

Looking forward to hearing reading from you.


Walter Vannini

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