Not because some things are easy to do, are they also good for your company.

Followers, likes, fans, easy. Clients, hard.

Evangelism, easy. Vision, hard.

SEO, easy. Content, hard.

Advertising, easy. Being noticed, hard. Being interesting, harder.

Engagement, easy. Involvement, hard.

Storytelling, easy. Something worth telling, hard.

Metrics to put the agency in a good light, easy. Metrics to give the client better business, hard.

Internet as PR playground, easy. Internet as a market where facts matter more than PR, hard.

Building a social network, easy. Building a networked society, hard.

Markets are conversations, easy. Markets are listening up, hard. (Pun intended).

Early adopters as beta testers, easy. Early adopters as product designers, hard.

Letting 16,000 CPUs tell you what is a cat, easy. Letting 50,000 users tell you how your product should be, hard.

Social networks as marketing corral, easy; as market share, hard; as society, harder.

Web 2.0, easy. Business 2.0, hard.

Tomorrow yet another “social network” will be making the headlines. You can spend your money on the network. Or you can spend it on other headlines.

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