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Una SPA per la mente

Aiuto aziende e professionisti a colmare il divario fra risultati desiderati e quelli raggiunti.

Quante cose facciamo solo perché le abbiamo sempre fatte così?
L'era del di più è finita, dobbiamo pensare al meglio, e al meglio con meno.

Dobbiamo pensare efficace per agire efficace., o Caporetto come metodo

2015 gennaio 26

Quando il disastro è lo strumento, Caporetto è il metodo.
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Two reflections from Big Hero 6

2015 gennaio 1
di Walter

The future is already here, and we’re not.
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This is robot work done right

2014 dicembre 3
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di Walter

I can’t help but repost this video from BusinessWire found by my friend Stefano Paganini:

Now, this is robot work done right. Almost impeccably so, with one exception: the human
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Just asking.

2014 ottobre 24
di Walter

Dear ex-prospective employer: you deserve to be big-four’ed to your last pound.
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UX Research: Quants Vs. Quals?

2014 ottobre 1

For UXR Quals, I’m too quantitative. For UXR Quants, I’m too qualitative. They are both wrong, and working on a one-sided brain is so ’70s.
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Surviving Facebook on the road

2014 agosto 27
di Walter

Facebook on a mobile is obnoxious.
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All The Problems in UXR in One Chart

2014 agosto 6

UXR, and all technology for that matter, would be so simple if users just behaved as requested…
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There’s No “Reality” In Social Media. Get Over It.

2014 giugno 30

You will have heard of how Facebook ran an experiment on 600K+ unaware users and concluded that yes, it is possible to tweak people’s emotions by selectively filtering their
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All The Problems In Data Science In One Chart

2014 giugno 26

Data Science is science. Science is built on facts, while careers, well, not always.
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Dear Recruiter (a service post)

2014 marzo 13
di Walter

What part of “do not cold call” you don’t get?
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