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Una SPA per la mente

Aiuto aziende e professionisti a colmare il divario fra risultati desiderati e quelli raggiunti.

Quante cose facciamo solo perché le abbiamo sempre fatte così?
L'era del di più è finita, dobbiamo pensare al meglio, e al meglio con meno.

Dobbiamo pensare efficace per agire efficace.

There’s No “Reality” In Social Media. Get Over It.

2014 giugno 30

You will have heard of how Facebook ran an experiment on 600K+ unaware users and concluded that yes, it is possible to tweak people’s emotions by selectively filtering their
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All The Problems In Data Science In One Chart

2014 giugno 26

Data Science is science. Science is built on facts, while careers, well, not always.
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Dear Recruiter (a service post)

2014 marzo 13
di Walter

What part of “do not cold call” you don’t get?
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From the Selfie Dept.

2014 marzo 10
di Walter

My guest post for ISACA (the Information Systems Audit and Control Association).
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Can Big Data Help Us Do…

2014 marzo 4

The short answer is yes. Why people keep asking this useless question IS the problem.
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No Comment.

2014 gennaio 29

E nemmeno fiori, ma opere di bene.
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Step 4, Right Governance: The Eightfold Way To Data-Driven Business

2014 gennaio 22

Data is what will make your business thrive or sink. How you govern your own data is what will make the difference.
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What Big Data Actually Means

2014 gennaio 17

Yes, Big Data will change business all over again. And no, it may not be what you think.
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The Analytical Mind As Liability

2014 gennaio 16

You have an analytical mind. You are a problem solver, a solution hunter, a perfectionist. And your career’s worst enemy.
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#socialFlushing 2014: dumping Klout

2014 gennaio 2

I started 2013 by dumping Foursquare. Did me no end of good. This year, I up the ante by dumping Klout. Here’s why.
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